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Beion Chromosome Auto Karyotyping Image System

Key Features:

SQL Large Database Management System
TCP/IP data transfer
Auto recognizing with inner standard idiogram
Easy and quick chromosome auto segmentation
English version window
Easy operation of auto nucleus analysing
Large data base
Unicode multi-language versions 

Beion Chromosome Auto Karyotyping Image System

This software take advantage of the computer image processing system,caputured the image
from the microscope and displayed on computer scream then auto recognized the chromosome in pairs with the key feature of auto-paring,quickness ,direct and high correctness. This software is mainly use in clinic microscope analyse diagnosis.The key feature of the software is capturing sharp image, direct observation from scream ,auto recognizing and divising the chromosome,auto array and comparison with standard ideogram. It highly liberate labour and increase the precision of chromosome reconizing and provide an easy way to store,process the clinic data for future use.

Beion Chromosome Auto Karyotyping Image SystemBeion Chromosome Auto Karyotyping Image System

Application advantage:
1.Provent misdiagnosis from eye-fatigue
 It is easy to cause eye-fatigue after longtime observing the chromosome in the microscope,which will lead to misdiagnosis.With  the software,pictures can be observed on the screen,which will increase the efficiency of the eye-check and minimum the possibility of misdiagnosis.
2.Easy for communication of education and academy
This system can project a high resolution sharp image on a public screen for viewing of hospital and education.
3.Digi-store,improve efficiency
Hard disk and CD can be the media for storage of chromosome database or patients’ information,build-in reporting tool connected to cytogenetics archive can be put out by preprint transformation.

Beion Chromosome Auto Karyotyping Image SystemBeion Chromosome Auto Karyotyping Image System



 Specification and Function
1. suitable for human cytogenetic field,englisn and Chinese version are available via user-friendly interface.
2. support image forms including BMP、TIF、JPG、JPE、DBD、MDB and other image forms
3. the software have ISCN400、550、850 analysing module as default one,users can also set up the file of their own module.
4. it will increase the correctness by the period of using and will memorize the type of the chromosome band used.
5. clear impurity and spot from the picture by one click.
6. Division by auto and manual is available for crossing and bridged chromosome.
7. Preview of division of chromosome for convenient operation
8. Morphological operations(smoothing,top hat filter,outline modify),these function can use during every period of the analyse and can be modified several times.
9. two steps for auto recognition to ensure a high correctness. band enhancement,remodify the color parameter after the analyse to ensure the sharp band recognition
11.Centromere auto calculation
12.manual operation of karyotype modify (click or draw mouse)
13.manual operation of centromere
14.partial or whole straighten the chormosome chromosome module and can be revised by users.
16.karyotype contract:same patient with different viewing at different  time and result compare.
17.undo or advance of each step

Beion Chromosome Auto Karyotyping Image SystemBeion Chromosome Auto Karyotyping Image System

FISH imaging
1. Beion FISH(Fluorescence in situ hybridization system) offers a technology using fluorescence microscopy and Digi CCD to capture multi-color filter images and combined to a FISH digital image.
2.Seamless combined for at most 6 multi-channel images form 6 different filter of microscope,simply and easy-learn operation.
3.Various annotations(graphics and comments) can be added to the FISH image and its report.
4.More image corrections please refer to the above chromosome process.

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