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Beion Automatic Microscope Stage(Beion-XYZ)

Beion Automatic Microscope Stage(Beion-XYZ)

Beion Automatic Microscope Stage(Beion-XYZ)
The motorised microscope stage and automatic focusing system, developed by Beion Com. Ltd. containing a group of optical,mechanical,electronical and computerized high technologies, is reliably suited for the most demanding imaging applications where high precision and accuracy are essential.A motorised microscope stage provides the automatic specimen slide and focusing function.It has an operational control set and a computer both connected with standard RS232 interface ports.By adjusting the viewing field and focusing,an analysis of muti-viewing fields and automatic measurement is available.Besides,it provides full access to the remote computer control,espencially compatible with biological microscope, to realise the tele-diagnosis and tele-medicine between remote hospitals.

Desigened by latest manufacture in a compact configuration
Multi-viewing fields switch and automatic focusing functions by computer control via standard RS232 interface ports.
Stage control offers choices of computerization and hand-operation.
1、Scanning set size 180cm×155cm

2、Stage travel range 60cm×40cm(diffenent according to microscope size)

3、Screw lead 0.5cm

4、Resolution <1μm

5、Minimum Step Size 1um

6、Minimum step of focusing meet automatic focusing requirement

7、Hystersis <5um

8、Location repeatability <3um

9、Limited switch XY

10、Interface RS232

11、Step rotary degree of motor 1.8°

12、Accuracy <5um(Accuracy is the discrepancy between practical and standard measurement during long movement of screw lead

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