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BEION U2 Urinary Sediment System Workstation

BEION U2 Urinary Sediment System Workstation 

 BEION U2 Urinary Sediment System Workstation

BEION U2  Urinary Sediment System Workstation is a laboratory instrument that works in conjunction with any standard, optical microscope to provide an automated system for urinary sediment analysis by the computer and application software.

Main Characteristics

◇  Standard urinary sediment testing instrument
◇  Providing the general data receiver
◇  Meeting all the needs in the practical work
◇  Supporting the Local Area Network (LAN) in hospital
◇  Reporting the urinalysis result, as well as physical, chemical and the microscope testing results
◇  Providing the stablest working plan, compared to other numerous existing instruments

BEION U2 Benefits

◇Better Medicine
   Truer color cell morphology
   Higher reproducibility

◇Lower Costs
   Fewer repeat tests
   Reduces direct labor
   Minimizes waste disposal
   Eliminates pipettes, slides & cover slips

◇Integrates with all other urinalysis instruments
    Flexible configuration, works in conjunction with all automated urine chemistry and cell     analyzers to automate normal and/or “lagged” urinary sediment specimens for analysis.

◇Enhances laboratory network standardization
    The software can provide LIS database interface service. They can receive or send analysis data from or to each other.

◇Traceable quality control
    Ease-of-use (most technologists reach operating proficiency within 100 samples), high reproducibility, specimen consistency and clarity ensure greater quality control.◇Enhances
    Worksite Safety An automated, closed-environment system reduces operator exposure to bio hazardous material(s).

BEION U2 Urinary Sediment System Workstation

Characteristics of Performance

◇  The mature and consummate picture-gathering technology; the advanced and reliable hardware component; the massively used international-leading imported original parts, such as original imported OLYMPUS CX31-32L02 universal infinitely far optics system (UIS) microscope, SONY advanced optical & technological camera (CCD) and so on.
◇  High definition, exquisite, novel and standardized parts: urinary sediment flowing counting cell.
◇  Quota sample, automatic dyeing (or non-dyeing), intelligent sample-entering equipment, all automatically realized by just clicking the mouse.
◇  Adding the emergency specimen freely and conveniently in order to do the urgent examination.
◇  The diversified software functions, the perfect data-handling capability, the capability of connecting different models of urinary dry chemical analyzers, the function of automatically collecting the testing data.
◇  High-clarity of pictures, which helps the users distinguish different forms of erythrocyte, leucocyte, blood vessel types and other physical ingredients.
◇  True color reports in forms of charts and texts, which conforms to the standardized requirements.
◇  The standardized flow operation, pipeline cleaning, sampling the specimen, dying (or non-dyeing), flushing the pond, microscope examination, output of the report will all be achieved integratively.
◇  It’s easy to operate, highly automated and highly-integrated instrument enables the users to carry on the morphological recognition and the report analysis on the screen.
◇  Specimen examination is very fast in the process of examination, because of the dry chemical sieving method embedded in the software and recommended by the standard. Each example takes less than or equal to 60 seconds on average.
◇  Affordable examination cost: the price is very low compared to its high-quality performance. It’s really cost-effective.
◇  Strong serviceability, one machine can fulfill multipurpose. It can be used to do the morphological recogn ition of the bone marrow, outer blood cell, falling-off cell, puncture cell, ridge fluid of the brain, the quality of the germ cell, and the chromosome karyotype. It will output the digital analytical report of the clinical and morphological testing in forms of texts and graphs.
◇  The standardization of the urinary sediment test has been realized. The product completely tallies “the proposals to the standardization of the urinary sediment examination” made in 2002 by “the board of blood and body fluid studying expert”, which is a branch of the Chinese Medical Examination Academy.
◇  The result is reported in the manner of volume unit (unit/microlitre). It’s advantageous for the clinical dynamic observation of the patient’s condition, providing the dynamic and distinct diagnostic index for the clinician.
◇  It strictly carries out the “urinary physical, chemical and sediment analysis” standard (WS/T229-2002), which is a part of ‘the professional standard in healthcare industry in the  People’s Republic of China’, issued by the medical ministry of P.R. of China.
◇  With the massive use and popularization of this instrument, we are making efforts to develop the new non-invasive urinary test for clinical use.

Basic Performance Parameters
◇  Sample quantity: 10.0mL
◇  Urinary sediment quantity: 0.2mL (after centrifuge concentration and removal of above clear liquid)
◇  Inspection content: Cell, Blood vessel type, Crystallization, Bacterium, Parasite, Saccharomycetes, Spermatozoon, Mucilage and the special requests by the clinical doctor
◇  Power supply: ~220V/50Hz or ~110V/50Hz, 100VA(main unit)
◇  Dimension: 450mm×380mm×360mm(main unit)
◇  Net Weight: 12.8Kg (main unit) 
Main Performance Parameters
◇  Analysis speed: T<=60 Sec (starting from absorbing the sample till displaying)
◇&amp;amp;amp;nbsp;Image clarity: The entire field of visual scope should be extremely clear.
◇  Image resolution: shortest resolution distance ΔD≤1.25μm 
Main Functional Parameters
◇  Sample dyeing function: It’s able to dyeing the sample using stipulated dyeing liquid
◇  Sample-diluting function: It’s able to dilute sample using the physiological saline
◇  Automatic self-cleaning function: It’s able to automatically clean the flow counting pond and strengthen the clean regularly. After cleaning, the pollution rate should be less or equal to 5% in the high power field of microscope (40X) mage processing function: It’s able to adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation and hue of the image
◇  Image storing and searching function: It’s able to store and search for images
◇  Image making function: It’s able to mark the images
◇  Image printing function: Image can be printed out 
Software Functions
◇  Capture true color morphologies and can report it on one paper.
◇  Automated receive any other urinalysis instruments results of the chemistry and report it on the paper.
◇  Input the number of the microscope eyeshots for any one cell, it can count out the standardization value by xxxEntries/uL. And print it on one paper.
◇  Save the results of pictures and values in computer hard disc for a long time.
◇  Enhance laboratory network standardization.
◇  Enhance the laboratory work in NO PAPER. 
Expanded Software Functions
◇  Sperm Analyzer Software
◇  Chromosome Recognise Software
◇  Marrow Cell Analyzer Software
◇  Extended Cell Analyzer Software
◇  Cast Cell Analyzer Software
◇  Punctured Cell Analyzer Software
◇  Punctured Liquid Analyzer Software
◇  Pathology Cell Analyzer Software
◇  Stool Routine Analyzer Software
◇&amp;nbsp; Blob Blood Diagnosis Software 

Preview of the software interface

BEION U2 Urinary Sediment System Workstation

 Main operating interface

BEION U2 Urinary Sediment System Workstation

Typical image capture

BEION U2 Urinary Sediment System Workstation

Main unit control panel

Perfect Report

BEION U2 Urinary Sediment System Workstation

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