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BEION S3 Fully Automatic Sperm Quality Analyzer
BEION S3 Fully Automatic Sperm Quality Analyzer Features One-button operation Fully automatic Standardization Efficient and Accurate Principle Mix the completely liquefied and preincubated semen sample and place an aliquot on the specific counting chamber. Sperm image is magnified by the micro image capture system and transferred digitally to computer and then displayed on the screen. The automatic microscope scans the sperm image and records the sperm movement under the control of software, which then calculates the sperm concentration, motility grade and vital percentage of the sample. Technical Parameters  The Sperm Quality Analyzer is designed according to the “WHO laboratory manual for the Examination and processing of human semen (5th,2010)”.  Complete testing items cover the majority of sperm analysis that are open to be edited by user’s need, including the semen physical characteristics, sperm motility analysis, morphology analysis, sperm function experiment, chemical analysis and immunology analysis.  The sperm motility analysis is based on the standardization of WHO as well as international CASA standard. The sperm motility is graded as PR, NP and IM. And up to more than 40 motility variables can be listed in the test report;  Based on the standardization of WHO, the sperm morphology analysis module, which subdivides the defects categories and abnormalities percentage in detail, can detect more than 40 morphological indices. With the help of manual identification, kinds of morphologies can be distinguished and output.  Automatically calculate indices of multiple morphological defects: the teratozoospermia index (TZI), the sperm deformity index (SDI), and the multiple anomalies index (MAI). Capture the spermatozoa motion track, depict and output the colorful trajectory, which can be reversed displayed.  The sperm images can be annotated by text and graphics. Manage samples’ records and images by SQL database.  The sperm analysis function interface and test report contain all sample information, including the patient information, original distribution of spermatozoa under the microscope, colorful spermatozoa motion trajectory, specimen characteristics, sperm quality analysis data, morphological analysis data, the sperm motion velocity, vitality grading and statistical histogram.  10 kinds of statistical methods and 6 kinds of statistical results display for case statistics.  User-Friendly and open design: tested items and reported items can be added or changed according to the requirements of the hospital.  Test report can be designed freely to meet different requirements.  Use counting chamber with 10 μm depth according to the WHO standards.  Disposable counting chamber with 10 μm depth can be selected to avoid cross contamination  With the LIS connection function, conveniently to facilitate LIS networking.  A large number of visual fields under the microscope are selected at random and automatically scanned in order to ensure favorable reproducibility repeatability and accuracy, avoiding error and bias caused by manual selecting fields.  Integrated design to combine micro scanning, image capturing, computer and temperature control system into one device.  When device temperature higher than 37.5 °C or lower than 36.5 °C, the device shows “Abnormal” and “automatic analysis” button fails to work.  The measurement error of temperature is ± 0.2 °C.  The measurement error of semen concentration is within ± 10%.  The time of analyzing a specimen is ≤ 60s. Function Function Case Report Management Add, modify, delete and search. Sample No. Settings Setup the specimen number, establish and modify it in the case reports. Sperm Marking Mark on the sperm head that is showed on the image Microscope Control  Control microscope stage movement in horizontal (X) or vertical (Y) direction.  Control the microscope to move up and down to adjust the focus.  Illumination brightness settings.  Automatic conversion of the objective lens. Temperature display Real-time display the temperature of the constant temperature heater on the microscope stage. Real- time video display Real-time video display in video window. Alert Notification  Abnormal temperature alarm: when temperature exceeds the specified value, alarm shows “Temperature Abnormal”.  When the microscope cannot be controlled normally, alarm shows “Microscope Communication Error”. Specification Operating System: Windows 8 Touch Screen: 15’’ Software: BEION V4.20 Printer: Optional Dimension: 650×400×475mm (Length×Width×Height) Weight: 32KG Working Temperature: 15-30 °C Relative Humidity: 0~80% Power Supply: 220V±10%, 50Hz±10% Input Power: 180VA
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