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Pinch valve


Solenoid operated valve, silicone or C-flex tubing fitted
Long life cycle.(valve: 20,000,000 times, tubing >500,000 times)
Straight,no-clog flow path
Low power consumption
2-way and 3-way valves supplied with a 30cm-long special tubing
1/16" to 1/8" tubing available
12/24VDCPressure range: 10 to 25 psi

Beion pinch valves have been designed to assure sterility while managing the isolation, diversion, and flow of high purity fluids, blood, or saline in patient applications involving liquid or gas measurements within a fixed instrument. As the flow control component within a transfer site, the Beion pinch valves enable fast, easy removal and replacement of sterile tubing sets, eliminate the need for disassembly or removal of the valve from the instrument, and isolate fluid contact.

Long life cycle
Each pinch valve is guaranteed to have perfect close pressure when leaving the factory. They are connected with silicone or C-flex tubing. Tubings will not stick together even after long time closing as they can promise to be used constantly 500,000 times on and off.

No resistance to flow
The tubing is positioned at the bottom of valve base fixedly even opening one port on the base. On opening condition, the valve produce no resistance to the flow yate.

Many different tube sizes and materials available
Beionfluid standard valves connect with tubing ranged from 0.25mm to 7.95mm. The valves are diversified into normally open(NO) valve, normally close(NC) valve and 3 way valve (one tube is NC, one NO), dual 2-way and dual 3-way. NO valves are available when 4, 6, 8 tubings working at the same time. Please contact us if you have special demand including changing tubing material, working pressure and wire top or other replacement.

Other advantage
Easy replacement of tubing for sterile applications

Tubing Option:
We provide wide range of pharmaceutical advanced pinch tubings:
All the tubings are certified with USP XXII,VI, FDA and USDA standard. The tubings will not stick together even after a long time closing of valve. The tubing can rebound on time without clog.

Silicone tubing at least 500,000 times on and off
C-flex tubing at least 350,000 times on and off
Most valves use the silicone tubing due to its outstanding flexible advantage.

Further demand needs to specify:
For the strict demand of air tightness, please choose C-flex tubing
3-way valve supplied with 2 15cm-long tubing connected with Y-tee.
All pinch valves are supplied with a tubing sample
2-way valve supplied with a 30cm-long tubing
3-way valve supplied with 2 15cm-long tubing connected with Y-tee.
The replacement of tubing assures no need of valve reset. The minimum order quantity is 15m per roll. You can also choose valve without tubing and the low flexible silicone tubing are available.

Note: Tubings of different sizes might aim to different applications. You may contact BeionFluid for your media and its potency or you may provide your own tubings for us to customize the pinch valve. It is possible that the life span of customized valves is shorter than the standards.

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